Does season affect fire behavior in the Cerrado?

Check this paper out about fire in Cerrado (the Brazilian savanna). It is a great opportunity to learn how season or other factors may influence fire behavior.

Dr. Jeannine Cavender‐Bares visits OU

Last week, May 5th, Dr. Jeannine Cavender‐Bares from the University of Minnesota came to Oklahoma to visit OU. She gave a talk about her research and how she connects Phylogenetic history, Evolution, Traits, Communities and Ecosystem Processes.
I and another Ph.D. student from the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology had lunch with her in the same day. We discussed our research and experience with teaching. It was a great opportunity for me to connect with such a great researcher.

My talk to the Plant Biology Seminar at OU

Sorry, I didn't post this before, I forgot what my password was and didn't have much time to surf the internet.

But here are the news: I gave a talk about my research for the Plant Biology Seminar in the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology at OU. This talk is required for every time you enroll in this course. At the end, I got great feedback from my peers and professors from the department. So here is a flyer which was distributed throughout the department. These are preliminary results referent to one-year experiment. We hope to observe some more cool stuff in the field this year.

Dr Nathan Sanders is visiting OU this week



Paper I am reading this week

I recently joined Ecology Journal Club, which is a group at OU that discusses all topics in Ecology by having different graduate students leading a paper each week. This week, I’ll be leading the discussion of the paper entitled: “Using dark diversity and plant characteristics to guide conservation and restoration”, Moeslund et al (2017) , […]

What will I be posting about?

My plan is to post random things, such as about the papers I have been reading, activities of the week, field trips etc. I’ll  be basically showing how is it to be a PhD student and interesting stuff I have learned.